Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Color?

I got this great vintage Sewing Cabinet on Craigslist today for $10. It is my new furniture project!

It used to have a sewing machine in it, but that is gone. Now it is purely for storage. The design on the front is really pretty and the legs look like bells. Very vintage.

So now, here is my question ...

                  What color should I paint it? Tell me what you think.


  1. It all depends on what room you're putting this in? And also think about what other furniture you have around it and how this one will fit into it. I like any and all blue colors! :)And you can change the hardware on it and get something really fun! I got the cutest drawer handles at Target and they were not very expensive at all!

  2. That's funny, I was thinking blue, too. Or, stick with the off white, but not with a yellow tinge. It does depend on what area it'll be in tho. Another idea is to remove the paint and stain it. Bet the wood is pretty underneath. Have fun!

  3. A pretty forest green color might look nice in your house! Not sure if you've painted it yet, but that's my vote :)

  4. I decided on a dark navy blue with white trim. Thanks for the input!