Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pantyhose Candle Holders

I am starting to decorate for Halloween and I have already put up fake spiderwebs and lights! I know Halloween is over a month away, but I will be out of the country for the actual event so I thought it was appropriate to start early. At least, this is my excuse.

So here is my first Halloween post! These Pantyhose candle holders are not blatantly Halloween themed, but they are cheap and easy to make. They have that dark, creepy, vintage feel. The best part is the eerie flickering light they cast when filled with a candle. The hose I got from Target for $3. They had a bunch of colors for Halloween.

  • Cups - 99 cents at Goodwill. I even got a couple orange/yellow tinted ones for added drama. Make sure to get cups that are large enough inside to hold a tea candle. You can make at least 6 candle holders from one pair of hose.
  • Pantyhose (adult size) - $3 at target in multiple colors. I like the look of the black the best. 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Tea lights, or any other candle
 First cut off the ends of the pantyhose.

Slip your first cup inside the pantyhose ...

... and push it all the way down to the foot of the hose.

Glue right under the hose and gently pat it down while it dries. Be careful not to burn yourself on the hot glue.

Flip it over and cut off the excess hose. Make sure to leave enough at the top to fold over the glue and leave a clean line.

Glue in segments so the glue does not dry before you attach the hose. Glue, fold over. Glue, fold over. Repeat until done.

Let it dry for 10 seconds and then enjoy your finished product!

Add a candle for some mood lighting!

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