Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodwill Gold

Well, maybe not gold, but definitely stainless steel! This deal was definitely a steal!
Okay enough jokes. 

I usually do not go to Goodwill that often even though we live rather close to one. Today I had this impulse to go and I found myself at the front doors. I did not expect to find much since my last visit was such a doozy (I bought nothing), and I did not even pick up a basket at the entrance. As I wandered among the slightly to heavily used items I found a couple cute things to buy. The store is very small so my interest started waning at about 20 minutes.

Then out of the corner of my eye I glimpse something shiny. At first I ignore it, brushing it off as some child's toy. I went down another isle and happened upon the shiny object again. With closer inspection I see a "Cuisinart" etching. Now my brain switched into high gear! I quickly grabbed anything with a glint of silver and horded them (like a small child) on the floor. Since I neglected to grab a basket, I now had way too many items to carry. But now that they were in my possession I could now look at them closer. The more I looked the happier I became! They were brand new, with original stickers! There was a saute pot, a sauce pot, and a stock pot and ... they all had their original lids! This was too much and I sat on the floor with my treasures. Whew.

When my mind finally settled I decided my items were not safe until I had a receipt so I lovingly (yet awkwardly) marched right up to the counter to pay and completely forgot about the other items that I left on the floor. C'est la vie.

It was the most money I have spent at a thrift store, yet it was also the best find ever! I paid $50 for $150 worth of cookware. It goes to show you that thrifting is a game of chance. One day you can completely fail and the next (or two days later) you can find diamonds in the rough (yes I did quote Aladdin).
Happy Thrifting!


  1. That's my girl! Very nice snag on the Cuisinart set. Well done!

  2. I love all your puns! And I freaking love Goodwill, you can always score big time there! Best time for ugly sweater shopping now as well, so get ready for the Holidays!