Friday, September 16, 2011

Music Note Nails

These are so cute!

  • Nail Polish Base Color - I used a Wet n Wild tan/gold color.
  • Art Deco Nail Polish - black
  • Small Brush
  • Clear Top Coat
First put down your base color. Any color will do. I used a color that reminded me of aged music paper.

To get a perfect circle you need a round, convex tipped stick-like thing. You can use a toothpick, but I hated it. It was never consistent. I prefer the bottom of a small make-up brush.

To make a large music note you start with two dots.

Then add two lines up.

Then add a top line that connects the two lines you just made.

Then draw a line right below the top line.

And you have a cute little music note! To make the single music note leave out the second dot and make the bottom line a bit shorter than the top. It also looks cuter when it is slanted on your nail.

Try it out for yourself and show me pictures!

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