Thursday, October 6, 2011

O.P.I Nail Polish Minis

I have discovered something amazing ... O.P.I minis! O.P.I nail polish is so expensive yet they have really cute colors. Apparently you can get some colors in mini size! I was given a mini gray from a friend and I fell in love with it (I love everything mini). I quickly logged onto my Amazon account and bought 8 more colors. They are a promotional thing so there was not a ton to choose from. I bought this really great set of soft pinks.

I love these minis because I do not have to buy a whole bottle of nail polish. I do not paint my nails too often and I have had plenty of nail polishes go bad. Problem solved! Plus, this set of polishes kinda give off a ombre vibe. 

The last color is a sparkle and it was SO hard to photograph. Take my word for it, it sparkles with purple and blue hues.

My next shipment of minis should be here soon. I got the promotional Burlesque mini teasers. I am so excited! They also had a Pirates of the Caribbean set, Little Shooters set, Katy Perry set, and a 2011 summer stems mini set, but I thought I should pace myself. whew!

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  1. FYI I find the opi mini's in four packs at TjMAXX and Marshalls all the time for like $6!! :)