Sunday, October 16, 2011

Glitter Spider

I really hate (yes I know it's a strong word) spiders. Yet, for some reason I really like fake, cute spiders, especially as a Halloween decoration. Since I have been having fun with glitter I decided to make a spider out of glitter and a foam ball. 

  • Styrofoam Balls - $6 for 6 at Michael's. I got the 3" ones.
  • Black Glitter
  • Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Googly Eyes - random sizes
  • Glue, Mod Podge, or anything sticky.
  • Brush
*This takes a lot of time because you can only cover half the ball at a time and then you need to wait for it to dry before starting on the other side. I did two coats of glitter/glue so it took a while.
Cover half the ball with glue and shake the glitter on top.

Let the glue dry. I used the glitter cap as a place to set my ball while it dried. It was kinda like a pedestal for the ball so it would not roll away, onto the floor, spilling glitter and glue on the carpet.
After the glue is dry turn the ball over and add glue and glitter to the other side. Then let it dry.

As you can see there are a lot of white spots after only one coat, so repeat the first steps so the whole ball is covered twice with glue and glitter. While waiting, cut the spiders legs out of pipe cleaners. You will need 4 pipe cleaners per spider for a total of 8 legs (obviously). Cut them in half.

Attach the legs by pushing the pipe cleaners into the spider body.

Now it looks like whiskers, but don't worry! It will look like a spider soon enough. Add eyes now. As most people know, spiders have many eyes. So, I used a mixture of large and small googly eyes.

Cute right?
Now bend the legs into whatever position you want. I chose spider pose.

I named him Stan, Stan the Spider. Here he is in a picture with our new pumpkins!

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