Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Candy Corn Nails

They look yummy, but please do not eat them! 
This was a complicated experiment for me. It took me a while to get these perfect. This could be because it was hard, or because I am a perfectionist...

  • Yellow, Orange, and White nail polish
  • Clear top coat
  • A steady hand
 First paint your nails white. I had to do two coats. I guess you could just paint the top half, but I like to paint the whole nail to prevent bumps.

Then paint the bottom 2/3 of your nails orange.

I used tape for this but it made it so much harder. The tape kept sticking to the nail polish and lifting it up. I had to redo so many nails using this technique. I even tried waiting 2 hours for the white to dry before using the tape and it still stuck. It was awful so I gave up on tape and did the rest by hand. It turned out pretty good though. It's not as straight as I wanted, but it's better than I thought it would be and it took a lot less time.

Then add the yellow polish to the last 1/3 of the nail. It gets a bit bulky so be careful. It will also take a long time to dry since there is so much polish. Don't forget your clear top coat. So shiny!

*tip: if you mess up there is an easy way to correct it. Get your finger a bit wet with spit (yes I said spit) and then correct your mistake. For some reason spit does not mess up nail polish and you can smooth out mistakes easily. Gross but useful.


  1. I adore this idea!!! I found your blog through craftgawker (I have some cards on there!) Have a fabbie, crafty day! :-)

  2. It's my first time on Craftgawker and I am so excited! I am a new blogger so I was a little nervous applying. Thanks so much for your support! I really like your blog too!

  3. I love the idea, to help with tape pulling polish try sticking it to ur jeans or t shirt to take some of the sticky then put on nail might help and to help dry for top coat I use Sally Hansen's 30 sec top coat helps dry quicker still have to wait a bit but shortens it considerably have fun

  4. Oh that is a great idea, thank you!

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