Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghost Nails

Bring a bit of fright with you wherever you go with this easy nail design.

All you need is nail polish and a dotting tool/makeup brush/toothpick.
First make the outline of the ghost on your nail. It should be round and the top and flare out toward the edge of the nail.

Then take whatever tool you choose and dip it into the black. Apply two larger dots at the top for the eyes and one smaller dot below for the mouth.

I chose to french tip the other nails with black, so you can do the same or do something different. Apply a clear top coat to make it shine. Make sure to give you ghost a lot of time to dry before applying the top coat or it will smear.

 The ghost looks mad in this picture...

Try it out and show me pictures!

1 comment:

  1. SO SO SO SO adorable! I tried your candy corn nail art and will defs be trying this out sometime next week. Thanks for sharing! :)