Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Garden :D

So after being away from my garden for two weeks I returned to astonishing growth!

My Peas are completely done and my wonderful boyfriend picked them before they expired.

The corn is at least twice as tall as when I left so it gave me the biggest shock. The zucchini are huge!

They might not taste good because they are so large, but at least they are cool looking. The other exciting growth was the jalapeno plant. When I left there were only 4 jalapenos growing. Now there is a plethora of them.

I picked a couple of the really big ones so I can eat them tonight with some cheese. Yummy!
For my first garden this is certainly a big success. My only insight is to make the pea support at least twice as high. But overall it was a success. the Carrots are still growing but I picked one to show you.

The carrot foliage is so big but the carrot part is still so small! Bummer. The raspberries have not budded yet (only flowers) so I will post another update later!


  1. Totally cool. Thanks for sharing. You can do great things with larger zukes. My mom always made zucchini bread. Its like banana bread, but not...

  2. Jess makes killer zuc bread. You should post the recipe, baby! Also, using the large zucs to stuff would be a great meal. All looks so yummy!