Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reusable Present Decoration

Decorating presents is a way you can be really creative, but most of the time (hopefully all) your work is destroyed. Reusing materials can make wrapping presents a breeze and more eco-friendly. Here is my tutorial to make present decoration (of all kinds) reusable:

  • Paper Clip - matching color is better, but not essential
  • Present Decoration
  • Glue

Pretty much all you do is glue the paperclip to the back of the decoration. You can use hot glue or Elmer's (which takes longer). Make sure to keep the paperclip slightly open so you don't glue it shut. That would make it useless...

Then paperclip your new decoration onto your ribbon. Now when your present is torn mercilessly to shreds you can save the prettiest part!

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