Monday, March 5, 2012

Paper Shamrock

I am really enjoying making St. Patrick's Day decorations this year! I came up with this one while babysitting this adorable girl who is obsessed with making paper snowflakes (even though it's March). I decided to try something different and poof, I made a shamrock! 

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
First make a square with your paper. If you were ever a child you should know how to do this :)

Now fold the square in half again, point to point.

I like to have an outline before I cut, or I mess it up big time. So if you are like me, go ahead and draw a heart in the bottom corner. Make sure to have the sides of the heart go low down. However, make sure the heart is still connected and the bottom (the center of the shamrock). In the picture below the heart sides do not go down enough. I actually cut it further later.

Cut and enjoy!

 The picture above is how deep I cut the sides of the heart. If you do not cut so far down your shamrock will not have the indents shown below.

The best part of this craft is that it costs almost nothing and you can make so many things with it. String a bunch together to make a garland or frame a couple for a cute St. Patties decoration. Make a ton and get ready for St. Patrick's Day!

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