Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Souvenir Sand in a Bottle

My boyfriend and I just spent two weeks in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and it was so amazing! I cannot describe how life changing the sun is when you live in a constant rain cloud. Anyway, I brought back sand so I could start a collection of vacation sands. I guess it won't work if we go someplace without a beach, but I will figure that out later. 
  • Sand
  • Clear Bottles (with tops)
  • Velum (the kinda see-through paper)
  • Sticker Making Machine (I use xyron)
First I filled the bottles up with sand. It turned out I brought way too much sand home! I wish I had known; I could have saved pounds in my luggage. 
Making the labels is the longest part. First type out what you want the label to say.

Then print it out on the velum paper and cut it to size. Notice how you can see through the paper a bit?

Then use your sticker-maker to turn your labels into stickers.

Stick your sticker onto the bottle.

Now your done! Easy and cute! I hope I am able to expand my collection :)

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