Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carving Pumpkins - The Best Part of Halloween

Pumpkin carving really is the best thing about Halloween. I look forward to picking out my pumpkin, carving it, and eating the seeds more than costumes or candy. 
This year I picked out a pumpkin that was tall and lopsided. I loved it because it was different and imperfect. I discovered, however, that it did not sit upright ... So I carved it on it's side.
I really recommend getting those little saws from the store. They are immensely easier to use than a regular knife and you can be really precise.  
First I sketched my design (It's supposed to be a bat and the moon).
Then I emptied my pumpkin of it's guts.
 I drew my design on the pumpkin (I know I look a bit crazy).

Then I carved it!

Apparently I look very stern when I concentrate. I did not even notice my honey taking pictures of me.
After all that work I have my finished product. With a little light the pumpkin comes alive!

What a fun night!

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