Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dyed T-Shirt

When I was younger I used to work for my grandmother in the summers. She made Shibori scarves and sold them as a business. It was at times hard work, but mostly it was fun and creative. This was a while ago so it was fun to do some dying today. I found that you can buy single servings of dye to use. This was really fun!
  • Rit Dye - I think it was only a couple bucks. I used royal blue.
  • Hot Water
  • Gloves
  • Timer - a kitchen timer works awesome
  • T-shirt - $5 at Michael's
I used the hottest water I could and mixed it with the package of dye. I used a medium sized metal bowl and put enough water in to completely cover the t-shirt when submerged. Mix mix mix. 

Now here is the part that is the longest, depending on how dark you want the dye. The longer the fabric stays in the dye, the darker it gets. I decided to have the bottom of my shirt be darker so I submerged the shirt in 10 minute increments until it was fully submerged.

This took about an hour. Then I brought everything to the sink and rinsed out the t-shirt with hot water. I decreased the temperature as the dye washed out. 

I scrunched my t-shirt into a tube when I dyed it so it came out a bit splotchy. At first I was upset, but I actually really like it now. After the water ran clear I threw the t-shirt into the dryer so I could put it on right away.

It's like an ombre/tye dye shirt. Pretty cool for such a cheap project.

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