Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snow Ball Ornaments

I found this great Snowball Tutorial that uses Snow-Tex to create a textured look. I have never used Snow-Tex before but it is really cool stuff. It is a wet, fluffy, cream cheese like spread and it hardens when it dries.So, excited to try something new, I went and bought some Snow-Tex to make some snowball ornaments for the tree.

  • Snow-Tex
  • Foam Ball
  • Wire or Ornament Hanger
  • Butter Knife - for spreading the Snow-Tex
This is a really easy project that requires little skill. You are pretty much just frosting cupcake or buttering a roll. The easiest thing to do is to "frost" one side, let it dry, and then do the other side. It takes 2-3 hours for it to dry unless it is very thick and then you should just leave it overnight.

 I used scissors to hold the balls steady while it dried. After it is all frosted stick a hook in it and decorate your tree!

The look really neat! There are so many crafty ideas that are possible with this stuff. The thing is I was only able to find it in these small tubes for about $4 each so it is not the cheapest material. I was able to frost three medium sized foam balls with one tube with a little bit left over. I am very happy I tried this :)

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