Monday, December 12, 2011

Feather Ornament

Oh man this was such a good idea! My god son is obsessed with birds so I wanted to make him something with feathers for Christmas. I am making a lot of ornaments so I thought, why not? This was actually really easy and cheap. The feathers were $3 for a big pack and the ornaments are 4 for $5. Pretty cool.
  • Ornament
  • Mod Podge
  • Feathers - small
  • Scissors
First go through your feathers and pick out the bad ones. Lay them out so they are easy to get to. You will have one hand holding the ornament so you need to be able to reach the feathers with one hand.

Start applying the Mod Podge and layering the feathers from bottom to top. Do not start from the top because it is really hard to put feathers under feathers after they are glued down.

Go around the whole ornament and then add even more feathers to cover the blank spots. At the top add small feathers to cover the stems (stems?). If there are blotchy areas, just add more feathers.

Should look something like this when it is done. This will look different depending on what feathers you use, obviously. I have some spotted ones that I will try next. I love these!


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  2. Just found this and really like them. I have some beautiful pheasant feathers that I am going to use.